UFC Fighter Yohan Lainesse Talks Getting His First UFC Win | BEYOND THE CAGE EP.25

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Today, UFC Welterweight Yohan Lainesse talks about his transition from being a hockey player, to his early MMA career and his first UFC victory.

Beyond The Cage is a weekly podcast hosted by Gabe Benchimol & Jamie Mancini where they interview guests in the combat sports world across the planet.

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0:00 Intro
1:22 Academie Connexion
3:06 Yohan Reflects On His First Victory At UFC 279
5:48 Yohan On The Pressure Of Losing His UFC Debut
8:50 Lainesse's New Found Love For Wrestling
13:55 Life Before Fighting
16:06 How Yohan Became So Powerful
18:10 When Yohan Knew MMA Was For Him
19:24 How Yohan Planned Out His Career
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